The art of Warm Up and Cool Down

Ray Hager’s December column has been posted at

Ray has lots of insight in conditioning and is the CBII Senior Conditioning InstructorImage


Chen Xiaowang test his Root!

Chen Xiaowang is tested by an Asian strong man.  This is  a three round test.  No Taiji is being implemented here — only root and core being tested.  Chen Xiaowang near 70 years old and the opponent about half his age.  If Taiji was being done there would be sharp turning using the opponent’s force.  This is quite difficult to hold ground when you can’t do your true Taiji.  Root is not meant to be everything, but you can see that a strong root underneath your Taiji can be very useful.


Lo Man Kam Wing Chun and Christopher Casey



Picture of Lo Man Kam holding Mr. Christopher Casey’s Wing Chun Teaching Certiicate

Gordon Lu, the son of Lo Man Kam has been teaching Wing Chun in Virginia Beach, Virginia for some time.  He learned his Wing Chun from Lo Man Kam who taught my Chinese Boxing teacher, Mr. Christopher Casey Wing Chun.  There is an interesting article which was a narrative written my Lo Man Kam that appears on Gordon Lu’s site and blog.  The link is

Take note of the very last paragraph of the article.  He mentions Kai Sai who was Mr Casey’s given name form Lo Man Kam.

Several interesting notes in the article.

Master Tao Lecture!

Master Tao lecturing on Chinese Medicine and Taijiquan. The clip is lengthy and around 30 minutes. His voice is soft and the English will take a bit of practice to understand, but if you listen you can see his personality and his knowledge come through. Master Tao died in 2006 in his late 80’s. He taught me from 1990. He taught my teacher Christopher Casey in the 70’s. He taught me the Yang form and his push hand method drawing from Water Style. Nathan Menaged in Columbus, Ohio was able to study with him closely for many years and learn the Water Style in full. Thanks to Nils Klug in Hannover for his permission to use this link. His Youtube id is TaiChiStudioHannover.