Chen Xiaowang Teaching

A nice clip of Chen Xiaowang teaching about the 8 essentials in Tai Chi as well as the guiding principles of Tai Chi. It is best to click on the Youtube in lower right side to watch on Youtube site. Then when you have it going in click on the CC or Captions link in the bottom of the window and you will have a choice of English or Russian translation. Choose and you will get subtitles for what is said. You can go straight to youtube by clicking this link:


Master Tao Lecture!

Master Tao lecturing on Chinese Medicine and Taijiquan. The clip is lengthy and around 30 minutes. His voice is soft and the English will take a bit of practice to understand, but if you listen you can see his personality and his knowledge come through. Master Tao died in 2006 in his late 80’s. He taught me from 1990. He taught my teacher Christopher Casey in the 70’s. He taught me the Yang form and his push hand method drawing from Water Style. Nathan Menaged in Columbus, Ohio was able to study with him closely for many years and learn the Water Style in full. Thanks to Nils Klug in Hannover for his permission to use this link. His Youtube id is TaiChiStudioHannover.

Master Tao Ping Siang

Recently found a page of a German Taiji school that had a report on a Tao Ping Siang seminar bak in 1999. Thought it was interesting and some of you might enjoy. Many thanks to Nil Klug for this picture etc. It is at

You may need to use google chrome browser with its ease to translate from German to English. If not go to google translation and copy the url above and put it in the google translation page for translation. We have covered these topics many times, but even through the translation you will enjoy the story. The author of the story is Giles Rosbander.wpid-tao_1-2012-07-13-07-55.jpg

The Pizza Burn Observations

Those who have been around Grandmaster Chen Xiaowang know that he corrects and fixes postures hands on.  Sometimes he will tell the student that he has fixed them in a soup or spaghetti level which indicates lower intensities.
I have observed on occasion that while he is correcting someone with pizza (a highly intense stance) that he has pushed the person while holding on to them forward where pressure increases forward into the knee and the students foot comes off the ground.  If he were not holding them they would fall forward.  He is not lifting them at all as the intensity is fully on their leg.  Now it was a bit curious that sometimes he would do this and push a person out of proper position in order to achieve the “pizza” intensity.
I think that when Master Chen corrects postures he often will get the person into the general position and then he will try and make adjustment that will relax the person’s energy downward.  I have seen a few instances where students would be in a nice lower stance and he corrected them and they would hold the posture for a long time.  Knowing some of these students, I knew that they were not really in “pizza” or rather, they were not focusing their relaxation in one spot on the weight bearing leg.  Their legs were strong, but their bodies had not learned to hold the weight of their body fully on their legs and specifically on one spot.  I have seen this happen with some students and then one day as they learned more about how to relax their body, they suddenly began to burn out their leg.  They never could do this before because they did not know what it meant to fully relax their weight downward.
So my conclusion from watching this occasional event in which Master Chen will push a person into a strange position in order to achieve pizza, is that he understands that this person cannot let their weight drop yet and so in order for them to burn out he gets them in a position that does not require their participation in relaxation but simply isolates the leg to land the weight in a position the student is not use to bearing the weight.  This is only my speculation as I am not in his mind, but he is too exact to not notice the position he has pushed them to.  Anyone else notice this?