Master Tao Lecture!

Master Tao lecturing on Chinese Medicine and Taijiquan. The clip is lengthy and around 30 minutes. His voice is soft and the English will take a bit of practice to understand, but if you listen you can see his personality and his knowledge come through. Master Tao died in 2006 in his late 80’s. He taught me from 1990. He taught my teacher Christopher Casey in the 70’s. He taught me the Yang form and his push hand method drawing from Water Style. Nathan Menaged in Columbus, Ohio was able to study with him closely for many years and learn the Water Style in full. Thanks to Nils Klug in Hannover for his permission to use this link. His Youtube id is TaiChiStudioHannover.


Vanderbilt Tai Chi Symposium 2009

Last week, Vanderbilt University hosted a Tai Chi Symposium. It drew around 500 or so participants over the week. CBII had four in attendance as Joe Rea Phillips, Earl Morgan, Maxie Green, and Mark Yates enjoyed watching the demos and participating in the many of the classes that were offered.

Chen Zhenglei represented the Chen Style, Yang Zhenduo (grandson of Yang Chenfu) represented the Yang Style, Wu Wenhan represented the Wu (Hao Style), Ma Hallong represented the other Wu Style and Sun Yongtlan represented the Sun Style. You may want to go to the web page to check out what it was about…

Tai Chi and Stroke Survivors

In the July issue of the American Journal of Public Health, Oregon Research Institute (ORI) senior scientist Fuzhong Li, Ph.D., describes how senior community centers in Lane County, Oregon successfully adopted an evidence-based Tai Chi program to prevent falls among older adults. Based on this success, the Oregon Department of Human Services, in partnership with 4 counties in Oregon, has now adopted the Tai Chi program as part of its efforts to disseminate evidence-based interventions to promote physical activity and reduce falls among community-living older adults.

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