What does Kai Sai Kung Fu Mean?






This post was on a Facebook page, so it is necessary to know this to understand some references in the article.  

I have not been a contributor to this page as I don’t spend that much time on Facebook to start with, but one day I found my name with this group. I am not sure who started it but someone got me on it and made me an admin as well. I have not really played that role because of time, but I do want to make a statement about the term and my opinion of it.

When Dan Inosanto and Bruce Lee were talking about what to call what they did, they came on the name Jeet Kune Do which both described something about their fighting theory and their symbol spoke of the philosophy which would govern the art. Jeet Kune Do was to speak of the principles of the art and the higher overview. Jun Fan was Bruce Lee’s name so the art Jun Fan Gung Fu was often associated with Bruce Lee’s art. Jun Fan Gung Fu was the actual techniques and physical movements taught by Bruce Lee. Mr. Casey received the name Kai Sai from a couple of his teachers and as a favor to a request I made to him, he created a curriculum he called Kai Sai Kung Fu. It represented the variety of physical techniques that he used from the various arts that he studied. He never exactly had a name for the principles or theory that was the overview. However, he used numerous names to describe what he did in the martial arts. Mind hit boxing, unitary boxing, 6/9 boxing, Chinese boxing, adamantine boxing, Gong Ka (real boxing), and just “the boxing”. He referred to anything else as “the other”.

I have always been uncomfortable in using the term Kai Sai Kung Fu to represent the art that I teach. I guess the reason is that I find myself a fighter that is much different then Casey yet following the theory that he taught. Mr. Casey had such amazing projection in his grip and pressing skills that it allowed him to finish fights quickly as he seized control of people once he entered their space. I never developed near the projection that he had in this area. So the things I would do in a fight especially at the finish would have some differences. Secondly Mr. Casey’s mind technique can be learned but is not easy to execute. Those two things made me hesitant to use his name in that I knew I would not duplicate his exact method. What he did do, is that over time, he lay out an excellent theory of martial art that was a synthesis of physical technique and mind technique that was doable by many people because it was not dependent on that one aspect that Mr. Casey was so skilled – projection.

There are people who represent Kai Sai Kung Fu who were exposed to Mr. Casey for a small period of time who make conclusions about his teaching that are not looking at the overall of his teaching. This happens because there exposer time was when he was teaching a single style or possibly a principle such as projection. With part of the total info, they defined an entire teaching while only seeing a portion of the teaching. This was partially due to the way in which Mr. Casey taught. In my opinion only time would allow one to see an entire picture. This is not a comment about the evolution or change that was seen. It is a statement about what the final picture was that he devised in his CB theory. While he never named the theory or philosophy we have called it simply the Chinese Boxing Theory of fighting and the Chinese Boxing Encounter Study. To me this overview is the genius of his martial arts accomplishment.

When one is learning about the Kai Sai method, the teacher should have a deep knowledge of the encounter and while physical technique may have some variation there are definite characteristics that would define the Kai Sai method. I say this not as a downer but for those interested to seek out someone who is fully exposed to Casey’s full teaching over time.

Saying that I will put in a plug for Anthony Caucci who has been working almost a year on some products to release. The topic is Kai Sai Wing Chun. While he was not exposed to Kai Sai himself, he has been an exceptional student of the Chinese Boxing and does understand the full encounter taught by Mr. Casey. He recognized the basics that must be developed and has down well. He has only adapted that to Wing Chun as it can be adapted to any of the arts Casey taught. I am sure each of you who get his products in the coming months will enjoy and hopefully learn more about the art that Mr. Casey shared. Best to each of you! jc


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